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Ucas Personal Statement Gap Year

Finishing GCSEs or Nationals? Find out your options and start planning your next steps. Explore subjects and careers

  • Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Example (with gap year) However, frustrated at my inability to comprehend the nature of such sights I could merely only scratch at the surface. More recently my A level studies have equipped me with some of the tools required to deeper my understanding and question why things happen.

  • Most courses are happy for you to take a gap year, but will want to know briefly how you plan to spend it. 10. Keep it positive It can be difficult to get going with your personal statement, but don’t panic. Start with your strengths, focus on your enthusiasm for the course and talk positively about yourself.

  • I don't think it's necessary for you to go to a gap year trip like almost every other gap year student does. As long as you got the skills - that's what matters! I didn't go with any sort of organisation that organises these gap year trips, I planned a trip to Dubai myself and had an amazing time, I regret for not travelling for longer.

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